Tuesday, 25 February 2014

GODZILLA full trailer

I was unimpressed when I first heard about this, but each trailer they release is more and more impressive. It's also good that they're acknowledging the original Japanese films.

The film will be released on 16 May.

Possibly not to scale.


Dave said...

Yeah, I've high hopes for this; Gareth Edwards is directing. He's the British guy who made Monsters on a shoestring and created all the CGI himself.

Monsters is a great film if you haven't caught it. It's kind of a travelogue romance with SF elements. I think a lot of people were disappointed as they were expecting a shoot 'em up from the promo and the title, but I really liked it.

Chris M said...

Looked like there were glimpses of other monsters in there other than Godzilla. :)