Sunday 13 July 2014

Thomas Jane joins EXPANSE TV series

The Expanse TV series has gotten its first castmember. Thomas Jane will be playing the role of Joe Miller, a corporate security officer in the asteroid belt who is caught up in a growing interplanetary crisis. It is not known if he will be wearing the novel character's trademark hat.

Thomas Jane will known to genre fans from his appearances films such as Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher and The Crow: City of Angels, and to more general audiences from films such as Boogie Nights and his starring role in the HBO TV series Hung.

The Expanse is being produced by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, alongside the more recently-appointed Naren Shankar, a writer on the three 1990s Star Trek shows as well as The Outer Limits, Farscape and CSI. The show will air on SyFy in the USA.


Tom said...

I pictured Miller as Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, V For Vendetta), personally.

alabrava said...

I dig Thomas Jane, interested to see what he does with it.

Tyler Lutz said...

Thomas Jane would make an amazing Jim Holden