Tuesday, 7 June 2016

George R.R. Martin's "Broken Men" speech read by the creator of DEADWOOD

This week's Game of Thrones missed a trick by not having Ian McShane's septon read out the "Broken Men" speech from A Feast for Crows, when Septon Meribald describes the fate of those soldiers who fleet the battlefield, becoming "broken men".

McShane didn't do it, but Genius.com did the next best thing by roping in David Milch, the writer/creator of Deadwood (and thus McShane's old boss), to read the speech from the books instead.

The speech is widely regarded as one of the highlights of George R.R. Martin's writing and his "unromanticising" of medieval warfare.


obsessed said...

The genius of Deadwood (and The Wire, and Shakespeare) was the poetry of its dialog and Martin often achieves this - nowhere more than in this epic monologue. For the GoT showrunners to hire Ian McShane and entitle the episode "The Broken Man" and then NOT use the poetic monologue is the most passive aggressive attack on art in the history of television.

Bronn Stone said...

This is quite removed from Ivanhoe. A remarkable bit.

John said...

Unfortunately even that speech was not enough to make AFFC into a worthwhile read - if I had known I would have just given up on the books to wait for the TV series to come out.....quite the Meereenese Knot!

obsessed said...

John: Try reading these essays: https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/essays