Monday, 18 July 2016

Netflix wins international airing rights for new STAR TREK series

As expected, Netflix has won the international viewing rights to the new Star Trek TV series, including the UK and Republic of Ireland. Each new episode will be available on Netflix internationally 24 hours after each episode is released on CBS All Access.

This compliments Netflix's recent acquisition of the entire Star Trek TV library in many territories. The deal does not include the USA, where the new show will air exclusively on CBS's All Access streaming service, or Canada, where CTV and Space will be airing the show.

The new show is currently building sets in Toronto (where producer Bryan Fuller is overseeing things whilst also working on American Gods, which is wrapping up shooting of its first season). Casting is due to get underway imminently, and we should learn more about the details of the show in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, Star Trek Beyond hits cinemas next week and the early buzz is that may be the best of the Abramsverse movies so far.

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