Sunday, 24 July 2016

New STAR TREK TV series given a name and setting

CBS have confirmed that their new Star Trek series will be called Star Trek: Discovery. The new series will follow a mission involving the USS Discovery (NCC-1031), a Federation starship, and will be set in the "Prime" timeline (i.e. the same timeline and continuity as the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager).

Executive producer Bryan Fuller would not confirm precisely when in the timeline the show would be set. He previously shot down a rumour that the show would be set between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation and suggested that characters and actors from the previous shows could appear in later seasons of the new series, hinting at a post-Voyager timeframe. However, the USS Discovery is a deliberately retro design (drawing on Ralph McQuarrie's 1970s concept art for Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and its early design number suggests it's an old ship, predating even the original Enterprise. Fans have already speculated that it's an old ship pulled back into service for some reason, or the vessel is carried forwards in time as part of the new storyline.

Little else is known at the moment, save that filming starts in September, the series will consist of between 10 and 13 episodes and the show will debut in January on CBS before moving onto CBS All Access in the States. Space will air the show in Canada and Netflix will broadcast the series in most other territories.


Unknown said...

Like many, at first I was put-off by the lack of actual TV play; then of course they later announced that a few episodes would be on TV. I'm not sure if the full season will air on Space in Canada yet, but .. something.

But then later I had the realization .. having small kids, I've not actually seen hardly any actual "TV" on the TV; its always monopolized with Dora and crappy small kid shows, anyway. I tend to stream media, or buy DVDs and rip them, or other methods, the last few years.

As in all things, the licensing across countries is dreadfull, so in Canada the number of ebooks you can get on Amazon/etc is much reduced; Netflix much reduced; half the stream channels, not available at all.. etc etc.

But if theres one show, that is about the future, that could help usher these things in.. maybe its Star Trek. So good on them.

Unknown said...

This sounds great, actually! No Abramsverse, no advanced technologies that can defeat borgs. I hope it will be something more like Star Trek Enterprise before they introduced that stupid time war arch. And best of all: no Enterprise! After 50 years it was getting a bit old :)