Friday, 8 January 2010

The All-For-Noughts

As many other bloggers have already done, I am marshaling my thoughts to pick the best SF&F books, films, TV series and computer games of the previous decade*.

Whilst I'll likely pick a 'PERSONAL BEST' choice for these things, the rest of the choices I'll leave unnumbered because the whole numbering thing provokes moaning, whilst leaving things unnumbered seems to provoke better general discussion. There'll be a number of categories, based on popular mediums, genres, or how much I've had to drink when I write them, and will appear in the near and nicely unspecified future :-)

* Specifically the 'Decade Popularly Known As The Noughts Even Though Technically It Isn't A Decade As Defined By Those Old Monks Because We Don't Have A Year 0 Even Though Jesus Wasn't 1 Year Old At Birth And What's Up With That, But Then It Should Be 2014 Anyway, So WTF?'', for clarity's sake.


Anonymous said...

Try the Naughties rather than the Noughts- to remind us of the Naughty 90s. In Thailand, it's 2552 which I prefer as it's already the future. - Ian

Andrew said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one still working on my list.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

You can perfectly well call that decade the noughts or noughties or whatever.
It would be different if you wanted to call it "the 201st decade" : then it would have to start in 2001 and end in 2010. Damn these old monks who were still stuck with Roman numerals and didn't know about zero...

Jens said...

Well, regardless whether what you'll these year is the noughts or not, it's definitely a decade. Any ten years in a row are a decade! ;-)

Are you talking about those monks who once skipped a couple of weeks just to adjust from one calendar to another? I wouldn't lose to much sleep about them, haha!