Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New cover art for Christopher Priest's THE ISLANDERS

Gollancz have sent me a new working image for the cover of Christopher Priest's long-awaited new novel, The Islanders, due out in the autumn:

Intriguing, and retro. Reminds me of those old Pan paperbacks from the 1980s with the crisp white spines and the multi-coloured 3D images that look like they've come off an Archimedes computer. I like the clean lines of it, very cool. Interesting to see how it changes between now and publication.


Gary Day-Ellison said...

As Art Director of Pan/Picador throughout the 80s I am intrigued by the parallel you draw but at a bit of a loss as to which covers match that description! Pleased you found them cool though.

Will DuPower said...

Is this just a repackaging of Dream Archipelago?

Thank you

Adam Whitehead said...

No, it's a new novel set in the Dream Archipelago setting.