Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New UK cover art for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS

With just two months to publication (two months tomorrow, in fact) HarperCollins Voyager have decided to change the cover artwork for A Dance with Dragons. They are keeping the same style - the book will still sit comfortably next to your Feast for Crows hardcover - but have switched the image to match the US edition.

That seems okay. The sword image was a bit old now anyway and the detail on the shield is impressive. Not so sure about the cream colour though. I think the two US versions (orange and silver) may be a little bit more interesting, but this works well enough.


Civilian Reader said...

I must say I much prefer this new (for UK) artwork. I didn't much like the previous one at all.
Really must read the first book...

Jeff said...

Does anyone know if the North American version will have the more detailed maps like the UK versions? My copy of Storm of Swords is the UK version and it has the good maps but all my other ones are from North America and have the crappy old maps that were in the first novel. Even the map of Slavers Bay was done in this format.