Saturday, 2 April 2011

New MALAZAN novels from Ian Cameon Esslemont named

In an interview between Ian Cameron Esslemont and Elitist Book Reviews, the final two Malazan novels in his series have been named.

We knew that the Darujhistan novel, Orb, Sceptre, Throne was up next (out in December in the UK), but he has confirmed that the next book has the working title City in the Jungle, will be set on the continent of Jacuruku and will feature the Ascendant Ardata. The sixth book has the working title Assail and will be set on that continent, and will also act as a coda to the main series. Esslemont also confirms that he hopes to get the books out a yearly intervals (so City in the Jungle in late 2012 and Assail in late 2013, hopefully).

The interview also features additional tidbits on how he and Erikson give feedback on one another's work, and his plans for a series of novellas showing the formation of the Malazan Empire. Interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

Since Assail will probably mostly deal with Silverfox and the T`lan Imass (and the coda stuff), I guess "City in The Jungle" will mostly deal with The Crimson Guard fighting Skinner and his allies.

Thanks for the update Wert.

Tree Frog said...

Cam - please, no Orb! It sounds incredibly clunky.

Please let the title of that turn out to be "Scepter and Throne", with the "Orb" part dropped.

Anonymous said...

Hey, any chance you could write some sort of overall review of MBOTF, now that it is finished (sort of)? Its such a rare thing for one of these uber long Fantasy series to actually finish.