Friday, 8 April 2011


Ah, it had to happen. There is a moment of pride for any blogger the first time their site becomes popular enough to start getting spam comments trying to sell trainers or dodgy movie download sites, and even moreso the first time another website steals an article and tries to claim it as their own.

This French fantasy website has reposted my earlier article 'A Dance with Doorstops'. They add a small bit at the top revealing that the French edition of the book is going to be split in three, but the rest of the article is basically my material. No credit and no backlink is given. I have complained to the site and await their response. Many thanks to the person who alerted me on the comments to the prior article and more thanks to my French readers who have volunteered to help with the issue.

The website admins have contacted me, said there was a genuine oversight, apologised, and promised to amend the article ASAP (I can't load it at the moment). Excellent news :-)


Unknown said...

Good sir, you are blessed by this blessing in curse's clothing that is actually a blessing after all, you see. Am I making myself clear?

Toniokiki said...

You're welcome.
When i saw it, it was so obvious that it was your article.

It doesn't give a very good image of french blogging though.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till they copy and translate this blog post..

Nathaniel Katz said...


Sort of...

Anonymous said...

werthead is not your bitch,you ugly french blogger.


Hélène said...

"Le cas chez les anglophones n’est pas encore réglé, comme l'indique le blog The Wertzone"
Your site is named but the extend of the "loan" isn't made clear.

Emmanuel said...

As I said to Adam, we didn't mean to steal his article. Damien, who was cover for me the news as I was in a festival in Belgium, has forgotten to mention the original article. This was corrected as soon as I learn about it.
Today, after reading the Hélène comment, I have done another update.

As you can see here (, every time I find an article here that may interest our readers, I give a link to The Wertzone.

Best regards.