Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Interview with Steven Erikson

Myself, Pat from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist and Ken from Nethspace recently combined our powers to interview Steven Erikson about The Crippled God, the Malazan series and his future plans. Check it out here.


Shane said...

Any spoilers for The Crippled God in there?
I'm only 3/4 done reading it.

Adam Whitehead said...

Yes, there are a few spoilers, though nothing too outrageous.

Tree Frog said...

Decent interview.

Once again "Myself, Pat and Ken [...] recently combined our powers..." doesn't grammatically work.

Would you say the sentence "Myself worked with Jack and Sue to complete Project X"? Hopefully not. A better way to say it would be "I worked with Jack and Sue on Project X."

So in this case, it'd be "I recently combined powers with Pat from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, and Ken from Nethspace, to interview...".

I apologize for sounding so pedantic, but the "myself" is so grating to the ear that I had to write in.