Wednesday, 11 May 2016

CIVILIZATION VI announced by Lord Boromir Stark

Firaxis Games have employed the mighty Sean Bean to formally announced that Civilization VI will be released on 21 October this year.

This will be (obviously) the sixth title in the series that began with Sid Meier's original, classic strategy game back in 1991. I must admit I thought this was a bit soon, but then I saw that Civilization IV (which I still think of as quite new) was released in 2005 and V (which I own but haven't played once yet) in 2010. I think I can safely say that it will be some considerable time before I get around to playing this.

Civilization VI will build on elements of V and will come with all of the features introduced in that game's DLC as standard. VI also promises to "unstack the cities" in the same way that V "unstacked the armies". VI will feature areas around each city where you can place additional buildings and facilities. The developers are also promising a stronger focus on AI and diplomacy than ever before.

If Sean Bean is a character in the game, I can confidently predicted he will be nuked to death by Gandhi before the endgame is reached.

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