Wednesday, 18 May 2016

First teaser trailer for new STAR TREK series

CBS have unveiled the first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek series...which hasn't actually started shooting yet.

So we get the new logo and confirmation that it's coming to CBS and CBS All Access.

According to credible rumours, the new series will be in an anthology format with each season taking place with a different cast at different moments in the Star Trek timeline. Apparently this will be the original or prime timeline as CBS does not have the rights to use the JJ Abrams timeline without making a new deal. Allegedly, the first season is taking place somewhere in the seventy-one year gap between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (and Star Trek: Generations, which takes place the same year) and the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Apparently the first season, which will be between 10 and 13 episodes long, will be heavily serialised and set on a starship, but not on an Enterprise.

None of this has been concerned, but the "NEW CREWS" (plural) part of the teaser does hint that the anthology idea may be spot-on.

The new series is being helmed by Trek old-hands Alex Kurtzman (who worked on the Abrams movies), Nicholas Meyer (the director/co-writer of Star Trek II and VI, and co-writer of IV) and Bryan Fuller (who worked as a writer on Deep Space Nine and writer-producer on Voyager). No casting information has been announced yet. The show is slated to begin shooting in August or September in Toronto and will debut on CBS in January 2017.

No subtitle has been announced. If it is an anthology, it may follow the American Horror Story precedent of having a different title each season. If it doesn't, things may get rather confusing very quickly, as people discuss Star Trek (2017), Star Trek (1966) and Star Trek (2009). Seriously, I'd accept Star Trek Colon Insert Subtitle Here, Star Trek or Star Trek: Thingy at this juncture.


Zaister said...

The graphics of the traielr look a lot like the "Star Trek (2009)" credits.

Chad Eagleton said...

I'm excited for the show. However, I wish that CBS wasn't planning on using it to push their stupid CBS All-Access service.