Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Joe Abercrombie recently confirmed that Best Served Cold, his stand-alone sort-of follow-up to The First Law Trilogy set in Styria, will be published in the UK in June 2009, with a US release in July from Orbit USA which will be his first US hardcover release.

George RR Martin has reported that his office was broken into by thieves earlier this week. A commemorative sword was taken, but they were unable to gain access to the room where his computer (with the current version of A Dance with Dragons stored on it) was located.

R. Scott Bakker returns to the world of the Three Seas with The Judging Eye, Book 1 of The Aspect-Emperor, which is now confirmed for a joint UK/US/Canadian release in January 2009.

Blizzard have confirmed that StarCraft II, probably the most eagerly-awaited game of 2009, has gotten too large and they have decided to split it into three titles. The game itself, subtitled Wings of Liberty, will hopefully be released at some point in 2009 and will feature the Terran campaign. It will be followed by two expansions, Heart of the Swarm (focusing on the Zerg) and Heart of the Void (centering on the Protoss).

BioWare have confirmed they are working on a massive online RPG entitled Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game will be a semi-follow-up to their acclaimed 2003 RPG Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, developed by their partner company Obsidian. The news has met an mixed reception from fans, who seem to favour a single-player third game in the series to resolve some of the unresolved storylines from the second game.

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Anonymous said...

you mean Mideval II: Total war?

Adam Whitehead said...

I mean the Westeros: Total War mod for Medieval II: Total War.