Sunday, 30 August 2009

Farewell to Wotmania was established in 1998 as a major Wheel of Time fan forum. In 2002 it spawned an eclectic 'Other Fantasy' board which championed authors such as Erikson and Bakker long before they reached a larger public awareness. Whilst the board's claim as the premiere Wheel of Time fansite was gradually eroded by Dragonmount (which hosted Robert Jordan's official blog in the last few months of his life), it remained an interesting and vibrant Internet community.

Wotmania's founder has moved on to other things, and the message board will be shut down for good tomorrow. Its replacement site,, has already gone online and will hopefully grow to be as successful as Wotmania has been in the past. The best of luck to the new site and many thanks to the Wotmania team for four years of fun discussions and many years of interesting lurking before that!

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