Monday, 10 August 2009

Updates from Sanderson, Martin, Williams & Lynch

At Worldcon, Brandon Sanderson answered some questions at a signing and Q&A where he spoke at length on the writing of the final three Wheel of Time books and how the books have been split and arranged. He also revealed that Robert Jordan's notes for the series are colossal, and are actually longer than the series itself. Sanderson also confirmed that Tor Books want the sequel/'outrigger' trilogy (which is, at least in part, the story of Mat and Tuon on the Seanchan home continent) to be written, but, although Jordan created more detailed notes of Seanchan than have appeared in the books, he didn't create an outline for the books. Sanderson's inclination is to leave the Wheel of Time universe alone after A Memory of Light.

Also at Worldcon, GRRM was relatively close-lipped with new revelations about A Song of Ice and Fire or the HBO series, but he did re-confirm recent statements that he has over 1,000 manuscript pages finished and ready to go, with a some more chapters in varying stages of completion. I note that he didn't mention any completion date as he has done recently. More news will likely come out of GRRM's reading today, where he is apparently reading a new, never before-heard chapter, likely to be the last unveiled before ADWD is finished. He also let slip one of the tidbits hinted in his recent blog, that Jaime Lannister has been cast for the TV series but he couldn't say who's got the role until HBO officially announce it.

Tad Williams has confirmed to the Suvudu blog that Shadowrise has come in at 1,300 manuscript pages with another 200 or so pages to come, hence the reason for it being split. The two resulting volumes will be about 750 MS pages long each, or slightly shorter than Shadowmarch and Shadowplay by themselves.

After a long Internet absence, Scott Lynch has returned to the web in force, restarting his Livejournal and creating a new Twitter account. He has recently Tweeted about some of his progress on Republic of Thieves, but no completion announcement yet.


Joe said...

Lynch mentioned in the comments to a lj post that there would be several major announcements before he went to a convention - and then con is this weekend, so hopefully we'll see those announcements in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Several big hitters accounted for. Man, when Adam gets down to the info, it's 100% concentrate. Gotta get the fork and knife for this.