Thursday, 27 August 2009

REPUBLIC OF THIEVES Prologue available

Aware that his website hasn't been updated since Neanderthal man gasped his last (or about two years, which is the same thing in Internet Time), Scott Lynch has, erm, updated his website. As well a gargantuan new sample of Red Seas Under Red Skies he also has the complete prologue to The Republic of Thieves, including the debut of the much-discussed character Sabetha Belacoros. He has also added significant author annotations to the RSURS sample as well.

In Scott's own words:

"Next week I'll put together a new preview for TLoLL, at least as large as the new RSURS version, with similar author annotations. And it will replace the feeble excerpt currently available, and from here on out we're gonna party like it's the fucking 21st century."

All can be found here.


Longasc said...

This is good news! Also nice that Lynch is back among the living after a year (IIRC) of deliberate internet communications shutdown! :)

I am not a huge fan of Locke's childhood adventures, the past often distracted me from the present, but I already read the excerpt a bit and the Sabetha/Locke love story seems to make up for that. I actually liked the way how Red Skies started more.

Anonymous said...

Great news indeed. I read through the prologue and its great. Looking forward to reading the rest when available.