Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Brandon Sanderson on THE WAY OF KINGS

Brandon Sanderson has posted an update on The Way of Kings, his new novel and the first in the Stormlight Archive series. In his update he confirms the book is gigantic (currently slightly longer than GRRM's A Storm of Swords, but it will be pared down in the final draft) and is the most ambitious work he has ever attempted. He does sound a note of caution over the hyperbolic press statements and promos being circulated around the novel, noting it would be foolish hubris to expect this to be the next Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings or Dune.

The novel is due on 17 August 2010, from Tor Books in the USA. Gollancz will be publishing a UK edition at a later date.

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Abalieno said...

So the pagecount on Tor site is a placeholder?

They had it at about 500 pages in HC.