Monday, 1 March 2010

Patrick Rothfuss completes THE WISE MAN'S FEAR (again)

Having turned in his first draft of The Wise Man's Fear last year (itself a massive reworking of the original manuscript of all three books that got Rothfuss his publisher), Pat Rothfuss has confirmed that his second draft has been turned in. I have to say that 'draft' is a bit of a misnomer here. Based on his comments, the book has been pretty heavily rewritten and re-edited with changes to the structure of the book and new material added.

As Rothfuss states, this isn't the final draft of the book, nor does it mean a publication date will be forthcoming imminently. It is, however a big step in the right direction. I suspect that this news does mean that the book will be a 2011 release rather than a 2o10 one, however.


Anonymous said...

That dude's got to get his shit together.

Kinda sounds a bit like a basket case. I know writing is hard, but jeez...

Savien said...

Be realistic: true, quality writing, by any author, will take time.

Pat has been given an incredible talent. His work is of the highest quality. Can you really hold him at fault for taking longer to ensure the second book is at its best?

I, for one, am more than willing to wait the additional time for TWMF. Especially after taking a few hours to re-read NOTW.