Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Final American TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT artwork released


And it sucks slightly less than the preview we were shown a month back! Still a vast improvement over Sweet's last few covers and us Brits are spared it altogether, so there is that bright side.

The book is currently due for publication in late October in the UK and US, assuming Brandon Sanderson can complete the final draft by mid-August.


Jens said...

I wonder how the book can make it from final right to the shelves in two and a half months!?!

Isn't this a process that generally takes up to a year? Based on what I read on various authors' websites (FAQs, Q&A, etc.) I would've thought that a six month time frame would be very tight and really quick. But 2½ months? :-O

Adam Whitehead said...

When you have a book that is going to shift a million copies in hardcover, maybe 2-3 million in paperback, you make room for it ;-)

In addition, getting the book out before Christmas will guarantee tens of thousands of additional sales, so Tor will move heaven and earth, call in printing favours and do what needs to be done to get that book out there ASAP.

There are very few fantasy authors in this bracket able to wield this amount of power: JK Rowling, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett and George RR Martin are the only ones that come immediately to mind (and yes, A DANCE WITH DRAGONS should hit the shelves 3 months after it is done, according to the publishers).