Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Final cover art for THE LANDS OF ICE AND FIRE

Bantam have unveiled the final cover art for The Lands of Ice and Fire, the forthcoming map book accessory for the Song of Ice and Fire novels.

The final cover has a familiar view, that of the lands beyond the Wall. The cartographer for the book has also been announced, Jonathan Roberts of the Fantastic Maps blog, which is well worth a look. The book will be released on 30 October 2012.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they have put that cover up sometime ago. Another in the description they have added Sothyros as one of the maps.

I have put it on the wiki:

Adam Whitehead said...

Sothoryos won't have a map by itself, but the Valyria/Slaver's Bay/Sothoryos map from ASoS/ADWD will be republished, perhaps with more detail or a bit more of Sothoryos shown.

Anonymous said...

You are right I misread it.