Friday, 11 May 2012

GAME OF THRONES RPG's release clashes with year's biggest 2 games

Cyanide have released a docu-trailer for their Game of Thrones computer RPG. This trailer shows some gameplay with two of the game's developers talking about the title.

Game of Thrones: The RPG will be released on 15 May in the United States but, completely inexplicably, won't be out in Europe until 1 June (since clearly it takes two weeks for digital information to cross the Atlantic). The publishers, in their wisdom, have also decided the release the game on the same day as Max Payne 3 (one of the biggest games of the year on both console and PC) and Diablo III (probably the biggest game of the year on PC). In fact, they've somehow managed to cross with both dates for Max Payne 3 (which is out on 15 May on console and 1 June on PC).

I can only conclude at this stage that the publishers don't actually want anyone to play the game. There's some very strange decision-making going on there.


Anonymous said...

The previous Game of Thrones game was really bad, it looks like this one is not much better. But Diablo 3 has advanced "torrent-security" so some one would try GAME OF THRONES RPG while Diablo server-emulation will be released.

insurrbution said...

Both the Game of thrones RPG 7 Diablo III look great, although what I'm anxiously awaiting is the Game of the Year Edition for Skyrim :D

Russ said...

Yeah....They're setting this up so as to have their excuse for failure all set- "We made an awesome game, but who could prevail against Blizzard?"