Tuesday 9 July 2013

Trailer for debut novel TERRA features some famous faces

British comedian and musician Mitch Benn has written his first novel, Terra, after being Twitter-stalked by Gollancz into doing so (less sinister than that suggests). Due for publication this month in the UK, it's the latest book to get its own trailer. However, this trailer is a bit different: it features sixteen writers, actors, comedians and musicians taking turns to read the first chapter of the book. Benn also called in several compatriots from The Now Show (a BBC radio show that Benn works on).

Those who took part were:

Hugh Dennis (comedian)
Steve Punt (comedian)
Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman)
Sophe Aldred (actor, best known as Ace, Doctor Who companion 1987-89)
Phill Jupitus (comedian, perennial panel show guest, Jabba the Hutt fan)
David Baddiel (comedian, novelist, scriptwriter)
Emma Kennedy (comedian)
John Culshaw (comedian, impressionist, Tom Baker voice impresario)
Laura Shavin (comedian)
Rufus Hound (comedian, actor, presenter)
Samuel West (actor)
Amanda Palmer (musician)
Robert Llewellyn (writer, TV presenter, actor, best known as Kryten in Red Dwarf)
Reece Shearsmith (writer, actor, best known as one of The League of Gentlemen)
Arthur Darvill (actor, best known as Rory, Doctor Who companion 2010-12)
Mitch Benn (musician, comedian, wrote the book)

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Jens said...

I love this line:
Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman)

Wert, you're the best! ;-)