Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BLACK MESA gets a new engine, official Steam support

Black Mesa, the excellent recreation of the original Half-Life in the Source Engine, has won the approval of Valve and is getting an official Steam re-release. This re-release will run on an updated engine, possibly Source 2 (currently being used for the in-development-but-not-formally-confirmed-yet Left For Dead 3 and Half-Life 3) or the latest version of the original Source that is powering the likes of Portal 2 and (in a heavily modified form) Titanfall. There will also be other, unspecified, extras.

According to the team, the original version will remain available for free, whilst the new version will incur a 'minimal' cost. They also report that the second part of Black Mesa, which will cover the controversial Xen levels of the original game, is still a way off as development for the past year has focused on the Steam version of Black Mesa.

Black Mesa is excellent, so this news is welcome. It's also possible (my speculation) that an official release will pave the way for it to come out on consoles as well.

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