Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Teaser trailer for ORPHAN BLACK Season 2

Orphan Black was the best new SF show of 2013, despite some stiff competition from The Returned (and absolutely none whatsoever from Under the Dome; look forwards to a review soon). It's back on BBC America (in the USA), SPACE (in Canada) and BBC-3 (in the UK) next year. The following is a teaser trailer that SPACE dropped in just before airing the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, just to make all of its viewers even more excited than they had been previously.

Orphan Black returns on 19 April in the USA and Canada, and likely August again in the UK.

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Ghost said...

Orphan Black is great and I look forward to Season 2 but that was a terrible trailer. Sarah walking down the street with voice-overs? That's the best they could?