Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Paul Kearney cover art

Solaris have unveiled the cover art for their second reprint of Paul Kearney's opening three novels. The Way to Babylon will be published on 27 May, 2014.

Solaris also have an art blog about the creation of the cover. Please note that there is an error in that blog post: Kearney's first three novels are stand-alones, not part of a longer series (though they do share a couple of thematic ideas). This is the second of Paul's first three, stand-alone novels to be reprinted, following A Different Kingdom (due in January 2014) and to be followed by Riding the Unicorn (due in late 2014).

Paul is currently working on a new novel (and potentially and tentatively a new series) which I think will excite a lot of SFF fans, which he hopes to be able to tell us more about very soon. And no, it's not related to the Sea-Beggars series, which remains in limbo until Bantam USA sort themselves out.

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