Friday, 14 March 2014

Cover art for Peter F. Hamilton's new novel

Del Rey have released the American cover art for Peter F. Hamilton's new epic SF novel, The Abyss Beyond Dreams, the first novel in The Chronicle of the Fallers duology.

They also have a bare-bones plot summary:
The first of a two-book science fiction series set in New York Times bestselling author Hamilton's acclaimed Commonwealth universe. Thriller writer Ken Follett calls Peter F. Hamilton "the owner of the most powerful imagination in science fiction."

A clash of cultures in the Void pits humanity against a shape-changing alien species, and sees if two warring races can ever cooperate enough to free themselves from their mutual prison.

Story Locale: Space

Series Overview: Peter F. Hamilton returns to the Commonwealth universe with a clash of cultures in the Void that pits humanity against a shape-changing alien species.

The book will be published on 21 October this year, with an estimated hardcover page count of 672 pages. According to Hamilton, the book clocks in at around 198,000 words, surprisingly concise by his standards (The Naked God came in at almost 450,000 words and approximately 1,150 pages in hardcover). The UK edition, from Pan Macmillan, should be out around the same time.


RobB said...

I think that's an improvement over his US covers of the VOID trilogy. I soured on that trilogy towards the third installment, but I think I may go back into this one.

Paul Weimer said...

Its a shiny cover. The VOID is the weirdest part of the Commonwealth universe but I can see why Hamilton would want to return to that.

tam said...

Since it's in the voicd, it's more like a fantasy?

Yohan said...

I just can't trust Peter F Hamilton. Not after the Naked God. Its been over 15 years and I should forgive him, but he had the same problems as the writer's of Lost did. He had no idea how to end his story.

Alex said...

Depressed this is set in the Void. The Void trilogy had some great sci fi and some terrible fantasy. The fantasy stuff inside the Void ruined the series imho. I was looking forward to finding out what happened to the Sheldon dynasty when the set sail as it were. Disappointed to find out they ended up in the Void :-/

Reid Kemper said...

Man, that's a lot of pages! Nice cover, though.