Friday, 14 March 2014

New 'war' game to focus on civilian cost of conflict

Polish developers 11bit Studios have announced their new game, This War of Mine, about a war being fought between two forces for control of a city. In a break with tradition, this game will be played from the POV of the civilians caught in the crossfire, with the player having to guide civilians to safety and secure supplies and medical aid whilst avoiding gunfights on the streets.

The music is from the 1969 track 'Gyöngyhajú lány' ('The Girl With the Pearly Hair') by Hungarian band Omega, recently sampled by Kanye West.

Not much else has been revealed about the game so far, but it sounds like an interesting revisionist twist on a lot of video games about war which are resolutely focused on the people doing the shooting rather than those caught on the sidelines.

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Anonymous said...

War...war never changes.

--The Dragon Demands