Tuesday, 14 July 2015

SYNDICATE successor SATELLITE REIGN gets a release date

Satellite Reign, the eagerly-anticipated "successor" to the classic 1990s cyberpunk games Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, will be released on 28 August.

Designed by several of the same team-members as the original Bullfrog games, Satellite Reign is a violent cyberpunk strategy game with you controlling four agents on the streets of a massive, futuristic city. You control the action from overhead and can determine if your agents (each of whom has a specialty class) are to resolve a situation by stealth, frontal assault or hacking.

There are some differences to the original games, with the specialty classes meaning that grouping your agents together for full-scale warfare may not always be the best idea. The game is also continuous in the worldspace, with research and upgrades carried out in the city rather than through a separate option screen. There is also only one (albiet gargantuan) city rather than lots of different cities all over the world.

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