Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke join Marvel's SECRET INVASION

British actresses Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke have both signed on to Marvel's upcoming Disney+ TV show Secret Invasion.

The series, which is a semi-sequel to Captain Marvel, features the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, leader of the alien Skrulls. In the comic book story of the same name, the shapeshifting Skrulls conduct a clandestine invasion of Earth which is stopped by the Avengers. However, the Skrulls in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are more sympathetic and presented as potential allies of the human race. It's more likely that the MCU version of the story will feature either civil war within the Skrulls (as some wish to take over Earth and others work alongside humans) or possibly a struggle between Skrulls and their traditional enemies, the Kree.

Colman is one of Britain's leading actresses at the moment, noted for her facility with both comedy and drama. Her roles include Broadchurch, The Crown, The Night Manager, Green Wing, Peep Show and Fleabag on television, and The Favourite and Hot Fuzz in film. She has won an Oscar, four BAFTAs and three Golden Globes, though she has not nailed down an Emmy despite multiple nominations.

Clarke is best-known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's Game of Thrones, and has also appeared in films including Solo, Be Before You and Last Christmas. She has also become active in charity work, particularly neurorehabilitation after she revealed she had suffered two brain aneurysms whilst working on Game of Thrones. Like Colman, she has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards.

Kyle Bradstreet is serving as head writer of the project, which is expected to last for six episodes. Production is expected to start in the summer for a late 2022 debut.

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