Wednesday, 21 April 2021

RUMOUR: WHEEL OF TIME TV series to resume filming in the Czech Republic imminently

This is so far not confirmed, but it looks like the Wheel of Time cast and crew are regrouping to finish off the shooting of the first season of the much-delayed show. Josha Stradowski, who plays Rand al'Thor, is back in the Czech Republic and apparently already on location (in a photo later deleted), whilst Madeleine Madden (Egwene al'Vere) was back in Prague a couple of weeks ago.

Production of the eight-episode first season of the Wheel of Time TV series began in September 2019 and continued until March 2020, when it was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic with six episodes completed. Filming resumed in September and continued until December, when a second wave of the virus shut down production, although the crew were able to pick up some additional unit shooting in Spain.

Although the overwhelming majority of the material for the show was in the bag, they hadn't quite finished up everything they needed to, with several more scenes needing to be shot to finish off production on the season. Once that is done, Amazon can throw the marketing switch and get started on prepping the show for transmission.

Although the physical filming of the show has been stretched over an immense timeframe - nineteen months and counting so far - the post-production team has been hard at work on editing the completed material and working on the significant vfx requirements for the show. According to various rumours and reports, multiple episodes are already complete and could be aired tomorrow if the whole season was completed. This means that it should not take too much longer to finish the season off once the last shots are in the can.

The first season of Wheel of Time, assuming they get the final shots done relatively quickly with no further interruptions, is likely to air on Amazon Prime before the end of this year.

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