Saturday, 5 March 2011

Speculative map of Joe Abercrombie's world

Doing some random googlage, I came across the following fan-map of Joe Abercrombie's world by poster 'Scubamarco' at Deviantart. I saw a very early version of it posted on SFFWorld years ago, but had missed out on the revised version (to take account of the map of Styria in Best Served Cold):

Styria is accurate but obviously everything else is highly speculative, although the Old Empire and Northlands being linked is based on an observation by Joe that if they weren't, our heroes could have just made the journey in Before They Are Hanged by sea. Nice work!


Zsolt said...

Well, the original map I made is here:


Scubamarco later gave it a much more 'authentic' (and better) look (thanks to him!)

As for Styria, this is interesting, because it was 2008 when I uploaded my map to BSC released later and I was very surprised when I realized that Styria looking the same as I had imagined (even the location the towns!)

Anyway, you are right: the map is totally speculation. I tried my best though.

Longasc said...

Zsolt, I somehow imagined Styra to be more a peninsula like Italy... is it really an island?

I am quite fine with the position of the Northlands, Angland, Old Empire, Midderland and Gurkhul.

Anonymous said...

Chrome gave me the "Warning: Something's not right here" message when I followed the link in Zsolt's post.

Adam Whitehead said...

I'm getting one in Firefox as well. Zsolt, is something wrong with your link? I don't want to have to delete your post unnecessarily.

Zsolt said...


The link in my first post working properly on my side.
I don't know what's wrong.

Anyway, here's another link:


RR said...

The map is cool, and while in some places wildly speculative, quite consistent whith what we've got so far.

The big exception is the North. The map doesn't match the description by West at the beginning of BTAH. Even accepting that the river Cumnur is not included, Uffrith can't be East of Ostenhorm. And Black Well is in Angland, not in the North. So it should be south of the Whiteflow.