Friday, 16 March 2012

ANACHRONOX re-released on Good Old Games

Anachronox, one of the greatest, funniest and flat-out most bonkers computer RPGs of all time, has finally been made available on Good Old Games. For $6 you can set out to save the universe with a party comprising a washed-out Mexican superhero, a grumpy old archaeologist with health issues and a miniaturised planet. Worth playing for the showdown with the evil supervillain Rictus (catchphrase: "I SHALL KILL YOU...WITH DEATH!") and the fact your mouse pointer exists in-game as a character and occasionally talks to the party-members.

More than worth playing today (if you can get over the somewhat clunky graphics), especially at such a ridiculously low price and considering the game has been optimised to work with modern PCs.

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Iain said...

Just found the original Syndicate On COG too. Excellent site.