Monday, 12 March 2012

New cover art: David Wingrove & China Mieville

First up, a better look at Larry Rostant's cover art for the third Chung Kuo book, The Middle Kingdom, due on 1 August 2012:

And with the cover lettering in place:

Meanwhile, the UK cover art for Railsea, China Mieville's new novel, due on 24 May:


Brad Murgen said...

I read the original version of The Middle Kingdom not too long ago... awesome book. If they are going to finish re-releasing them all by 2015, though, they better get moving on it.

Anonymous said...

Read Son of Heaven on my Kindle last year, still waiting for the US version of Daylight on Iron Mountain :-(

Have not seen any news on US versions. Hope to see something soons.


Anonymous said...

China in chinese is called chung kuo. Did you deliberately put these two together in 1 post? lol

CNSQ Online said...

Nice cover design.