Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The first trailer for Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome has been released. It features CGI, explosions and a dubious Led Zeppelin cover:

EDIT: The trailer was pulled from YouTube by NBC, who presumably don't like free advertising and getting people excited about their product.

Something tells me that SyFy is kicking back against the complaints that Caprica was too boring. Hopefully they're not going too far. Surprisingly, the virtual sets look a lot better than I was expecting.

SyFy has not yet confirmed a release date for the Blood and Chrome pilot, or even if it will air on TV or as a web series.


RobB said...

I think that version of IMMIGRANT SONG is the same one used in the trailers for the US (Daniel Craig) version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

So yeah, that kicked ass.

People should inundate Craig Engler's Twitter feed @SyFy to get this thing on TV.

Two of his tweets from yesterday:

'Not having a space show right now isn't for lack of trying BTW. The sub-genre has been tough going on TV in recent years."

"Q) @Blasttastic If Space themed Sci Fi is your favorite are there going to be more Space themed shows coming to Syfy? A) Working on it :)"

Ted Cross said...

Yeah, that's the same bad Zep cover that was used to open The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie (US version). The movie was good, but the intro wasn't.

Anonymous said...

This looks really expensive, hopefully It will have better writing than Caprica.

Anonymous said...

looks like NBC universal have blocked anyone outside the USA from looking at their bloody trailer (I tried multiple youtube vids an all), at least Dailymotion still had it.

You'd swear that they didn't want bloody foreigners getting interested in their show.

It looks alright but one concern I'd have is the ships and robots from this era of BSG should be more low tech than in the main BSG show but if anything they look more advanced.

Wastrel said...

I wouldn't leap to conclusions regarding boringness. Caprica opened with a graphic orgy, complete with snuff scene, iirc. So, just because the trailer isn't boring doesn't mean the series won't be.

Brett said...

The trailer looked cool, but that music was appalling. It may be the single worst musical score to a SF trailer that I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Syfy already canceled the show. God I hate that network!

Brett said...

I'm surprised they didn't even keep the option open to do a series if the pilot-now-TV-movie did well in the ratings. The prospective show must have looked so expensive that there was no point in even keeping that option.

In any case, Blood and Chrome was the best hope for keeping the franchise awake. BSG will probably fall dormant again after a short while.

Jebus said...

I like the music and think it's a good version and good use of it.

It is the version from GWTDT by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross with Karen O on vocals.