Thursday, 14 April 2016


Square Enix have released Final Fantasy IX on PC today. This is the first time that the game - one of the most critically-acclaimed in the series - has been made available on the platform: it was first released on the original PlayStation sixteen years ago. The PC version is a port of the mobile version, but with localisation improvements for mouse and keyboard controls and some higher-res backgrounds and animated cut scenes.

Square Enix recently brought Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns to PC, along with new versions of Final Fantasy VII and VIII (previously released on the platform in the late 1990s). According to information in the Steam database, they are also working on PC ports of Final Fantasy X and X-II for release in the next year or two, and it is heavily rumoured that Final Fantasy XV, due for release on PS4 and X-Box One this autumn, will be released on PC as well. Fans are clamouring for other games to be brought to the platform, most notably the much-loved Final Fantasy Tactics, but this does not appear to be on the horizon at the moment.

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