Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Mark Lawrence sells his millionth novel

British fantasy author Mark Lawrence has confirmed that his book sales have now passed one million copies sold.

He also receives some interesting additional data, such as that his UK and US sales are almost directly comparable (despite the USA's larger population and readership size) and he has sold over 11,000 books in Hungary.

This is impressive going given that Lawrence's first novel, Prince of Thorns, was only published five years ago. Since then he has released two additional novels in The Broken Empire Trilogy (King of Thorns and Emperor of Thorns) and the first two books in The Red Queen's War (Prince of Fools and The Liar's Key). The concluding volume in that trilogy, The Wheel of Osheim, is due for release in June. He has already completed the the first two volumes of his next trilogy, The Red Sister, which will be set in a whole new world.

Congratulations to Mark. I guess this means I should finally get around to updating the SFF All-Time Sales List from last year.


Sturmia said...

Goes to show that you cannot account for taste. I am amazed by this succes of a, in my opinion, mediocre writer while far superior writers like Scott Bakker cannot seem to get a decent foothold. Then again this succes might just be on the account of more easily pleased audiences over the years rather than on solid craftsmanship or imagination. Still, I congratulate him for apparently finding a successful niche, after all it is a question of demand and supply.

Cheers Marcus

P.S. Keep up this blog. I thoroughly enjoy visiting it every couple of days!

Bryn said...

Well done to him. Well deserved. The Broken Empire is a great set of work, powerful, literary writing with heart.

To counter your previous commenter I found him far superior to Bakker whose work isn't terrible but coldly clinical and rather empty.