Sunday, 10 June 2018


After twelve years in development, Westeros: Total War has finally been released.

Westeros: Total War is a free fan-made mod for the video game Medieval II: Total War and its expansion Kingdoms. It originally started development in early 2006 as a mod for the original Rome: Total War, but quickly transitioned to Medieval II when it was released later that year. The game has been completely revamped with several whole new teams since then.

The game has been released in a beta state, meaning it is complete but some bugs may be present which should be fixed. The team hope to expand the game with new features later on, but clearly given the immense amount of time taken to reach this point this is not guaranteed.

Due to changes in the Total War game engine since Medieval II's release, this kind of "total conversion" is no longer possible for more recent games in the series (like Attila, Rome II, Warhammer II and Thrones of Britannia). You require a copy of Medieval II and Kingdoms, or the complete pack, to play the game.

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