Wednesday, 24 June 2009

New Robin Hobb novel available now

Robin Hobb's new novel, The Dragon Keeper, Book 1 of the Rain Wilds Chronicles duology, is now available in the UK (or at least it was in my local bookshop today). This was one novel divided in half due to length, with Book 2 to follow next year.

American fans have an eye-wateringly long wait though as the book is not due to be published in the USA until 26 January 2010. In this case, fans who do not want to wait may find an online trip to the Book Depository (with free worldwide shipping) of interest.


Tommy Erhardtsen said...

Hey. Thanks for the Tip.

I just saw it on, where it is even cheaper. Also with free worldwide delivery.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world is the wait that long to be published in the States? What, in the hell, is the extra hold up? C'mon, 21st century people!!

Unknown said...

I'm constantly ordering from Book Depository these days. I don't understand why American publishers are so slow releasing books these days.

Jebus said...

Shane me too but for a different reason. I live in Australia and although we're basically on the same publishing schedule as the UK, and I also have a local store that imports US versions of books, ordering from BookDep is actually cheaper than going to my local store.

E.G. Dragon Keeper is 16.17 Pounds which is about $33.31 AUD and in the shops here it would retail from $40 to $45. With the added bonus of having it delivered to my door, why wouldn't I go BookDep?.

Actually just checked with local chain Dymocks and in HC it's $49.99, in Trade paperback it's $32.99. With faster delivery times from BookDep if you order it online from either.

I haven't walked into a book store in months...