Wednesday, 23 September 2009


From Winter is Coming: the sets are going up, apparently consisting of 'awesome' castle interiors on a wrap-around greenscreen (to be used for special effects shots and backplates). Rumours that the direwolves have been cast with four Norwegian wolves, although they could be for another production altogether so I'd take that one with a pinch of salt for now.

Of greater interest, George RR Martin will be in Belfast for a book signing on 3 November and is hoping some of the cast and crew from the TV series may also be able to attend. He will also be doing another signing two days later in Dublin.

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Anonymous said...

"He will also be doing another signing two days later in Dublin."

I'd love to meet him, and get my books signed, but I won't. I can't consciously support him going on this trip, now. :/

Every day spent away from home is another day we'll not see A Dance.

Wilfred Berkhof said...

@ renasko

Last livejournal update 8 december 2008. :)

Adam Whitehead said...

Unless, of course, ADWD is finished in the meantime. That's four weeks and counting...

Jacob @ Drying Ink said...

Heh, I can imagine we won't be seeing ADWD for a while yet - what's the date now? *Goes to look*