Monday 21 September 2009


Kim Stanley Robinson is in Britain doing a signing tour for his novel Galileo's Dream and has been commenting on a number of issues facing British SF. Today he derided the Booker Prize's continuing failure to recognise modern British speculative fiction, and in his full commentary he also points out the sterling state of British SF at the moment (making the strong contrast to the moribund American SF market all the more notable). Some interesting thoughts there.

Peadar O'Guilin has done an excellent interview with Strange Horizons here. Well worth a read.

The American Emmy Awards were on last night, complete with an unexpected interruption from Doctor Horrible (and Captain Hammer). On the genre side of things Michael Emerson deservedly won the Best Supporting Actor award for his work as Ben Linus on Lost. Meanwhile, the excellent Irish actor Brendan Gleeson was a surprise winner for the Best Actor in a Mini-series Award for his portrayal of Churchill in Into the Storm. Elsewhere, Cherry Jones won the Best Supporting Actress for her role as the President in the borderline-SF 24 and Kristin Chenoweth for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the cancelled Pushing Daisies.

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polishgenius said...

That article is accompanied in the magazine by flash-fiction stories by many of the leading names in British SF - Stephen Baxter, Ken Macleod, Ian Macdonald and Geoff Ryman, among others. Quite interesting.