Friday, 18 September 2009

WHEEL OF TIME Book 13 cover (not)

After breaking the news about the Book 12 cover earlier this year, I can exclusively confirm that the following will not be the cover for Book 13. But it should be.

The Dark One takes on human form. And he's fancy!

There are subtle clues you can pick up that reveal this is not a genuine Wheel of Time cover, most notably that the art is way, way too good to be convincing (it's actually the work of 'Claireduckey' from the Dragonmount forum).

In related news, the prologue to The Gathering Storm has gone on sale, if you have more money than sense ($3 for what should be a free sample? Again?), and Brandon Sanderson should be announcing the newly-decided-on title for Book 13 in the near future.


James said...

Ironically that cover is better than the shit that Tor have slapped on the front of most of the books.

As for trying to charge people for the prologue - how many different ways are they going to come up with to milk this book for all it's worth?

Anonymous said...

I'm with James. I really don't like how Tor is milking the deceased. It's pretty classless.

Anonymous said...

They charged for prologues back when Jordan was alive too. I prefer to wait and read everything all at once in book form though anyways.

Anonymous said...

I don't get all this bitching about TOR charging money for the prologue. Guys, no one is forcing you to buy the prologue in the first place! I'm just happy TOR is giving me the opportunity to read it.

It's also just three dollars. I'm out of work at the moment and quite poor, but even I can afford it. I mean it's not even the cost of a Big Mac at McDonalds.

Jeff said...

I agree with Theodor. $3 is not a lot of money. Hell, I lose $3 in change just sitting down on my couch sometimes. They have charged for the prologue for the last four books I believe. It started with Winter's Heart. They also made the first chapter available for free. So if one chapter wasn't enough for you, you can pay an additional $3 for more.

I purchased the prologue and must say that I was impressed. I've been rereading the whole series all year (currently a quarter of the way through LoC) and I must say, so far Sanderson does a pretty good Jordan impersonation, while at the same time he seems to be more concise and focused.

Jacob @ Drying Ink said...

Have to agree, I'm not too impressed with most of the covers, and TGS is probably the worst, in my opinion. Surely... Well, surely there was either a scene that Sweet could portray better, or a different artist for the scene? :P

Claire said...

LOL, I didn't expect the cover to cause so much comment. While I DID do all the photoshopping of the art and the typography, the artwork is a mash up of two Darrell K. Sweet pieces of art (the background is Mordor from his Lord of the Rings work, and the rider came from another painting of his). So I wanted to correct anybody before I started getting credit for painting something I did not.
-Claire (claireducky)

Renai LeMay said...

Hilarious!!! Where did that come from?

Keeping the Door

Adam Whitehead said...

Nice work, Claire. Hang on, there's a book somewhere where the feather peacock knight actually is on the cover?