Friday, 30 November 2012

DRAGON AGE III will be a next-gen title

It's been claimed that Dragon Age III has been upgraded from a PS3/X-Box 360 title and will instead launch on the next-generation versions of both consoles. A date of (financial year) 2014 is given, tentatively giving credence to reports that the new consoles will launch before the end of 2013 and Dragon Age III may be a launch title for them.

Not entirely surprising news, especially given the rumours that BioWare may make Dragon Age III much more open and freeform than any of their previous titles (and more like Bethesda's RPGs).


Paul Weimer said...

I'd play it on a PC anyway...

Anonymous said...

Adam is not really correct with 'open-world Beth style'. there will be still some separate but at least one of the will be really big. hope it will be not deep roads

still human-only protagonist, dialog wheel and other stuf from DA2 make me very sad

>I'd play it on a PC anyway

me to, and i wonder if i have to upgrade my pc, for next-gen of consoles games.

Unknown said...

If it's like DA2, I'll pass.

Which makes me sad, since DA was my favorite 360 game ever.