Friday, 16 November 2012

Episodes 3-4 of BSG: BLOOD AND CHROME

The third and fourth episodes of the Blood and Chrome pilot have been officially released to YouTube:

Some interesting stuff, including our first proper look at a Colonial warship that isn't a battlestar. However, Blood and Chrome's insistence on reusing existing BSG actors is getting a little bit silly: the Osiris jump officer is played by Ty Olsson, who had a recurring role on BSG itself as Captain Kelly, the Galactica's third-in-command. And the commander he's reporting to was Gunnery Sergeant Hadrian in the first season of BSG. I know Vancouver doesn't have an infinite supply of actors to draw upon, but the constant re-use of the same actors in different roles supposedly showing up forty years part is not helping to suspend disbelief.

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Ausir said...

Not to mention the commander of the Galactica being played by the same actor as Agent Duram in Caprica.