Saturday, 1 June 2013

Patrick Stewart's awesomeness: confirmed

Patrick Stewart is an awesome dude, it is known. If there was any doubt, here is him talking openly about his family experiences and how they led to him working with women suffering from domestic abuse and soldiers suffering from PTSD.

The young woman who asked him the question, Heather Skye, speaks about the experience here.


Anonymous said...

Watching that video actually had me in tears, when he speaks so powerfully about his experiences and how he's dedicated to stopping them. He's a damn awesome person, that's for sure!

Raquel said...

When I read this, I cried. Patrick Stewart is beyond awesome!!

JaimeLovesStuff said...

I saw this video, too! He's an AMAZING human. Now, I know why I love him even more. Sir Patrick Stewart-Jean Luc Picard FTW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not really a fan of TNG of anything else he's been in.
But when I grow old, bald and British I wanna be like him.