Thursday, 14 March 2019

Netflix's LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS brings some of SFF's biggest names to the screen

Tomorrow (Friday 15 March), Netflix are releasing a new series called Love, Death and Robots. An anthology series, it showcases eighteen short (5-15 minute) SF films about the title concepts, based on short fiction by some of SFF's biggest names, as well as some films by concept artists.

Executive produced by David Fincher, the anthology series features the following stories with the confirmed writers so far:

Sonnie's Edge by Peter F. Hamilton (set in the universe of The Night's Dawn Trilogy)
Three Robots by John Scalzi
The Witness by Alberto Mieglo
Sucker of Souls
When the Yogurt Took Over by John Scalzi
Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds
Good Hunting
The Dump
Helping Hand
Fish Night by Joe Lansdale
Lucky 13
Zima Blue by Alastair Reynolds
Blind Spot
Ice Age
Alternate Histories by John Scalzi
Secret War

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Stephanie said...

Oh... I tried to comment saying setting myself with excitement at this.l. But so far have had over a dozen stupid i’m Not a robot screens to go through.....pointless...