Thursday 12 March 2009

Mine is a Fabulous Blog (apparently)

The Wertzone is apparently a 'fabulous blog' according to the Fantasy Cafe blog. Many thanks for that. Apparently now I have to list 'five things I cannot do without' and my own favourite blogs in response. I would feel compelled to return the favour to Fantasy Cafe, except I hadn't come across it until ten minutes ago, which is quite embarrassing.

Five Things I Cannot Do Without

The Internet.

Five Blogs of Fabulousness

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review (absolutely not because he bought me a beer once)
Antick Musings (the genre from the publisher's POV, an interesting and different perspective)
A Dribble of Ink (why does everyone else's blog have a better name than mine?)
Speculative Horizons (ah, who also nominated me as well :-) )
Galactica Sitrep (for services to BSG fandom above and beyond the call of duty)


James said...

Omg you didn't see my nomination :(

Adam Whitehead said...

I mention it when I nominated your blog :)

James said...

Dude, no wonder I didn't see got my blog name wrong! Speculative Reviews?!

I demand satisfaction! ;)

Actually, I'm just happy that you nominated me, so I'll let you off!

ediFanoB said...

Belated Congratulations Adam!