Monday 2 March 2009

Solaris Books Up For Sale

Solaris Books, an offshoot of Games Workshop and their Black Library publishing wing who publish in both the UK and USA, have been put on sale, according to Mark Chadbourn's blog.

The imprint will publish all its books planned up until the start of 2010, but what happens beyond that is uncertain.

The imprint was launched in February 2007 with a remit to publish original and fresh science fiction and fantasy. They scored an early success with an epic fantasy series by Gail Z. Martin and several very well-received anthologies. Chris Roberson, Brian Lumley, Adam Roberts and Ed Greenwood also all had works published by Solaris. However, one of their biggest coups was in securing the books of Paul Kearney after he had been dropped by Bantam, and Kearney's first book for them, The Ten Thousand, was my book of the year for last year. The fate of Kearney's two follow-up novels, Corvus and Kings of Morning, and his much-anticipated Monarchies of God omnibus reprints, remains unclear at this time. Hopefully another publisher will pick up the list, but in these uncertain times that may or may not be possible.

EDIT: According to Paul, the Monarchies reprints will be going ahead as planned. The new books are on hold for the time being. Solaris will issue a statement on their website in the next day or two expanding on the situation.

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Anonymous said...

F**. That is such f***g sh**. Can't believe it. What the genre can do without is one less publisher out there. A bloody disaster. Dreadful news.