Thursday, 8 April 2010

Trailer for Sky One's adaptation of Pratchett's GOING POSTAL

Sky One are preparing to transmit their fourth adaptation of a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, following on from Hogfather, The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. For the fourth adaptation they've picked a later book from the series, Going Postal, which revolves around attempts by Moist von Lipwig (Coupling's Richard Coyle) to reinvigorate the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. Charles Dance plays the Patrician, taking over from Jeremy Irons in the previous adaptations.

The new adaptation will air on Sky One in the UK in late May 2010. A better video (the embedding thing isn't working well here) can be found here.


Jebus said...

Actually looks good, might be the first adaptation of his I've liked since the cartoons and the Truckers stop motion animation.

Big fan of Richard Coyle from his Coupling days, was never the same after he left. I regularly refer to the Melty Man (ahem).

Anonymous said...

Havent got a clue about writing using blogger but try chaning the "560" to a lower number to get the video to fit. Theres two 560's in the embedding code.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they'd do Sourcery and get back David Jason.