Friday 30 September 2011

New cover art from Daniel Abraham and KJ Parker

The new cover artwork for Daniel Abraham's The King's Blood (the sequel to The Dragon's Path) has been revealed:

As has that for his second collaboration with Ty Franck under the James S.A. Corey pseudonym: Caliban's War (the sequel to Leviathan Wakes).

Both books are currently scheduled for late spring/early summer 2012. Meanwhile, due in July is K.J. Parker's next novel, Sharps, another stand-alone, this time revolving around fencers (apparently unrelated to his/her debut novel, Colours in the Steel, which also focused on fencing).

The covers are not 100% final yet, but looking good so far.


Kathryn said...

Wonder why we have 'matching' covers for Abraham again?

The Dragon's Path - Blue
The King's Blood - Red

Leviathan Wakes - Blue
Caliban's War - Red

Nice originality there, Orbit. The cover for Caliban's War isn't bad, but The King's Blood looks... self-pubbed or maybe like it should be a Bernard Cornwell book.

Cursed Armada said...

KJ Parker is awesome!!! Can't wait! Although, the fencer trilogy was probably his/her worst work IMO... The Scavenger Trilogy was totally cool!

kevbayer said...

I need Caliban's War NOW! I loved Leviathan Wakes.